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About League Hippo

Who are we?

The League Hippo team is comprised of like-minded athletes brought together by a passion for recreational sports. Like many of you, we were looking for leagues and pick-up games in order to get out there, meet new people, and stay active. We found it was difficult to find teams to play on, or advertise teams in leagues we are a part of. Together, we developed a tool to help us connect with people through sports.

What is League Hippo?

League Hippo is a local marketplace for adult recreational sports leagues that allows you to search for games or leagues by sport and location. For the people, this makes it the perfect tool to find a specific sport you can participate in, or to find sports based on how close they are to home. Whether you're a recent college grad hoping to continue to play your school sport, a person searching for new friends, or someone who wants to return to a more active lifestyle, LeaugeHippo will help you find a team that is right for you.

How does League Hippo work?

Just three easy steps…

  1. Pick a sport you are interested in playing or learning about
  2. Provide your address/location/city/zip
  3. Pick one of the leagues for more information and get active!