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Finding an adult sports league has never been easier
published on August 23rd 2017, 5:01:44 am

Have you recently graduated from college and are hoping to continue playing your school sport? Maybe you're just searching for new friends or looking to return to an active lifestyle. Perhaps you're in it to show those young punks that crafty vets are ageless. No matter who you are, or why you play, LeagueHippo is here to connect you with the sports that are offered in your area.

What is League Hippo?

League Hippo is a small group of like-minded athletes brought together by a passion for recreational sports. Like many of you, we were looking for leagues and pick-up games for a variety of reasons. What we found is that it’s hard for people to find information on the sports they want to play, and hard for organizations to recruit players for the leagues, lessons, or tournaments they provide.

In this newfangled age of internet freedom, shouldn’t it be a lot easier for leagues and players to find each other? We thought so, too.


Leauge Hippo makes it simple for adults to participate in sports

  1. Browse our available sports list, and select from over 50 sports

  2. Provide the city or zip for the sporting area

  3. Join a league, play a pick-up game, learn a new sport with a lesson, or find an annual tournament

You could be looking for hockey in Las Vegas, softball in Portland, or even golf in Miami.

Sports can be a great way to meet people and pry ourselves away from the computer and cell phone screens we stare at day after day (after using the Hippo of course!). Good news: getting some sunlight, sports and physical activity are great for the mind, body and soul. Keep active and make some friends along the way!

Our goal at League Hippo is to be the most helpful tool for leagues, teams, and facilities to organize the adult sports market. We have just started and there’s a lot more coming soon, but we need your help to keep going.

Mind helping out?

A quick survey is a great way to help your local sporting community.

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